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“Songs & Stories of the War of the Rebellion”

When we think of the American Civil War, we don’t usually associate it with singing and merriment. But historical events have long been a subject of songs in most cultures and the War of the Rebellion is no exception. Both the North and the South had their music and both sides borrowed songs from the opposite camps. Meanwhile, back at home, families were singing of the brave soldier sons, fathers, and husbands who may or may not have been keeping up communication. They had their songs too. This presentation weaves together songs of the War between the States (most penned at the time of the event, but some later compositions, reflecting on the horrific battles and families torn apart). To present this program, the creator, Jean Wilcox Hibben, has researched stories and historic, though not always publicized, turning points of the four years of blood and battle. Using period instruments, Jean and her husband, Butch, will remind us all to never forget!

Jean is a former Board-Certified genealogist with a PhD in folklore and Master’s degree in speech communication. She has been researching her family for over 40 years but has been playing musical instruments and presenting programs that incorporate music into the history of events, cultures, and occupations for over 50 years. She and her husband are professional family historians living in the Lake Mathews area of Riverside County. Jean serves as the Corona Genealogical Society’s 1st Vice President and webmaster. Check her own website for information on other programs, podcasts, and her own family names being researched at circlemending.org.

Note: this program is suitable for all ages, but some detail may be disturbing to very young children.



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CEREMONIAL “PASSING OF THE GAVEL” from Jean Hibben to Al Southern, 4 March 2019 (photos by Dottie Laird, top, and Len Enlow, below)

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote interest and education in genealogy.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS, installed March 2019 to take office 1 April 2019:

Al Southern  – President

Jean Wilcox Hibben – 1st Vice-President (programs) & Webmaster

Twila Costello – 2nd Vice-President, membership

Donna Sering – Secretary

Betty Chandler – Treasurer

Carolyn Hughes – Correspondence Secretary

Len Enlow – Newsletter Editor & Education

Sylvia Barnett – Publicity

Sherry Jones – Member at large

Pamela Coleman – Member at large

Carolynn Egan – Member at large

Judy Bengtson – Member at large

Photo by Wilmer Bengtson, 4 March 2019

Back: Al Southern, Jean Hibben, Pam Coleman, Judy Bengtson, Len Enlow, Donna Sering, Sherry Jones

Middle: Sylvia Barnett, Twila Costello, Betty Chandler, Carolynn Egan

Front: Dottie Laird, Carolyn Hughes



Dorothy (Dottie) Laird – Historian

Susan Tseko – Facebook Coordinator



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