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What DNA Analysis Tells us about Most Recent Common Ancestors

Dr. Baird tells us about his program:

“I am going to discuss the process of making sperm and eggs and how the chromosomes from both our mothers and fathers get rearranged so that, although we get about half of our genes from our mothers (who got half of theirs from each parent) and half from our father (who also got half his genes from each parent), none of our parents’ chromosomes come down to us intact except the Y from our father.  Thus, rather surprisingly, the most recent common ancestor that we share for any given gene, may be entirely different than our most recent common ancestor for another gene. I promise to make this clear.”


Steve face Award picture 1997

Dr. Stephen Baird graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Biology and an M.D. at Stanford University School of Medicine.  He is Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pathology at UCSD School of Medicine and retired as Chief of Pathology at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in La Jolla, CA.  He received the highly respected Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of California’s San Diego Division of the Academic Senate, the UCSD Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, as well as three UCSD Medical School’s Kaiser Teaching Awards.   Dr. Baird’s research interests were in lymphomas and leukemias and now in prostate cancer stem cells.  He has also spent a good deal of time studying creation stories, Biblical and modern (evolution), as well as the genetics of human diseases and the genetic variations found in all modern human beings.  His interests in genealogy relate to how family trees could be used to study inheritance of various traits, both normal and disease processes.  Based on his love of music and science, he has written many scientific folk songs as well as non-scientific ballads, many of which are performed on his six CDs, which are always for sale at lectures, concerts and online at




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Meetings are held in the Community Room, the first Monday of every month* from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

To network, get to know each other, or receive/give genealogical research assistance, “early birds” are welcome to gather at 6:00pm. ——————-

*in the event that the first Monday is a holiday, the meeting is automatically “bumped” to the second Monday (or scheduled for the prior Monday).. The society is open to anyone who wishes to research his/her family history. Monthly programs are offered to assist us in successfully identifying our ancestors of all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, religions, etc. Members are also encouraged to assist others by presenting a topic that will be of interest to the rest of the group and participating in the various projects the society hosts.

2017-Passing the Gavel

Passing the Gavel: Dottie Laird to Jean Hibben, March 2017

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote interest and education in genealogy.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS, installed March 2017 to take office 1 April 2017:

Jean Wilcox Hibben – President

Tom Anderson - 1st Vice-President, programs

Twila Costello - 2nd Vice-President, membership

Donna Sering - Secretary

Dorothy (Dottie) Laird - Treasurer

Carolyn Hughes – Correspondence Secretary

Len Enlow – Newsletter Editor & Education

Sherry Jones – Historian

Sylvia Barnett – Publicity

Mary Anne Vincent – Member at large

Pamela Coleman – Member at large

Carolyn Egan – Member at large


Susan Tseko – Facebook Coordinator





Genealogy Classes at Corona Public Library

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