It’s Back! The annual acknowledgement of those interred in the local Corona cemetery is returning Sunday, 29 October 2023, 2:00-4:30pm. (Wear comfortable shoes.) 

You are welcome to print out this flyer to share with others or copy it to your computer to send digitally (put your cursor on the flyer, right click, then click “copy image,” and “paste” into your computer to share)

This year the Stroll is sponsored by the Butterfield Trail Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

The exciting theme will feature pioneers who lived in the settlement of Temescal; a Butterfield stage stop from 1858-1861.

This lush, beautiful valley with abundant water, hot springs and tin mines was home to Civil War veterans, miners, farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, and apiarists long before South Riverside (Corona) was founded.

Surprisingly, some of these early pioneers and/or their descendants were laid to rest in Sunnyslope starting in 1892.

For information and possibly to participate: Contact Kathleen Dever (cemstroll[at] – see the different possibilities below.


Scripts from earlier strolls are listed below (alphabetically by deceased person/people surnames)

The Sunnyslope Cemetery Project
The society has succeeded in properly and completely documenting the graves of Sunnyslope Cemetery in Corona. The beautifully bound book was displayed at Corona Family History Seminar on 6 October 2007. A copy is available for reference in the Corona Public Library in the Heritage Room (upstairs).

Sherry Jones, Debbie Stuckert, Len Enlow Noella Benvenuti, Pam Coleman, Ellery Wayman

Questions about this project can be directed to
Len Enlow via email

Requests for information that is in the book should be directed to

The Corona Public Library

On 10 October 2007, Len Enlow presented a copy of the book to the Corona Public Library;
On 19 October 2007, a copy of the finished product was presented to Sunnyslope Cemetery.

Cemetery Strolls

have been conducted at Sunnyslope for a number of years. Presenters have told the stories of those at rest in the cemetery in a first-person format. These have been presented by the Friends of Sunnyslope, which has sponsored the Cemetery Stroll since 2008 (the Corona Historic Preservation Society sponsored the Cemetery Walk in prior years). All stories have been researched by local historians and written in a narrative format for performance. If you have additional information on these Corona residents, please contact Jean Hibben via email, who will forward the correction or addition to the appropriate historian for further communication and/or adjustment. If you have personal information of someone interred in Sunnyslope that you would like to see featured in a future stroll, contact us and we will follow up accordingly. Primary mover and shaker of the stroll: Kathleen Dever; please direct questions to her via email.

To read the information on residents discussed in past Strolls, the following people/topics have scripts.

Ellen Alden

Grant C Alexander

Jewel Allensworth -2015 script

Ira and Hortense Ashcroft

Theodore and Emma Ashcroft

George Baer

Georgiana Baird

Rio Delos Barber

Dr R D Barber, narrator (2012)

Phoebe and W.C.  Barth

Mabel Berner

Rufus Frank Billings, revised

Arthur Cane (abridged for Leona Fink)

Willard and Willa Mae Capen


Ada Corkhill

William Corkhill

Nicholas Corselli

Josiah Countryman

Henry Cunningham

Luy Dalcamo

Teresa DiGiorgio Danieri

Pasquale DeGeorge

C. Drinkwater

Thomas Paine Drinkwater

William Dyer

Christina Fear (script to be added at later date)

Ida Belle Humble Bainbridge Fraiser

George R. and Mabel A. Freeman, revised

Dick Frey, revised

Genevieve Cecelie Dyer Geith

Lena Dickey Glass

John Colby Gleason

John C. and Flora S. Gleason

Janet Williams Gould

Cuthbert Gully

Jane Mulkins (Dye) Halstead

John Thomas Hamner

John Thomas Hamner, revised

Rev. Dan Hogan

Henry H. Holmes

Nathaniel Carlos Hudson

Chester Husted

Jewel Allensworth Hutchinson

Gladys Jameson

Mary Gard Jameson

T.C. and Maud Jameson

George Lewis Joy

Herbert M. Key

Ethan P. Kidder

Leo and Mary Kroonen

LaPorte & Morrie (2012)

Lynn Charles Lillibridge

Judge John Main

Alva McCarty

John L. and Anna Merriam

Flora Mueller

Charles Muratore

Lawson Newton, revised

Vivian Ely Peeler

William Lee Peeler and Lizzie Peeler Lloyd

Anna M. Platt

Helen C. Platt

Stella Platt

Isabell and George Prentice

Peter Provensal, revised

Ralls and Bennett (2012)

Letha Raney

Jeanette Henderson Roberds

Dr. R. R. Root, part 1

Dr. R. R. Root, part 2

Barnabas E. Savery

Kate Shepard Scoville

Mary Philippa Scully

Erlinda Serrano

Emma J. (Ocie) Taylor Songer

Ralph William Stanfield

May Grow Stobbs

Elmer Stoner

John Loren Taber

Robert B. Taylor

Marcella Francisco Speer Thompson (2008)

Marcella Francisco Speer Thompson (2013)

Dr. Bernice Todd

Andrew J. Ware

Andrew Wheaton

Hugh W. Whitcomb

Helen Whitmore

Stephen S. Willard

Ida Wood and Maude Emily Wood

Widows in mourning

Docent Script.2015d