When conducted in person, our meetings are open and free to the membership and the general public. Due to the cancellation of the January general meeting and the “in limbo” status of future meetings, the video program we had been running earlier this year, for members only, will resume. More information is on the home page and on the Members Only page.

2022 Programs*

Status of future meetings to be explained as we know!

11 July – Beth Swartz – “Centi-what??, Morgan-who??. . . Working with your DNA Results”  (see description on home page)

1 August – Lisa Medina – lecture TBD

12 September – Sara Cochran – TBD


Videos may be scheduled in the months ahead, as appropriate (order of availability, to be determined). More information will appear, as applicable, on the Members Only page.


* Schedule subject to change without notice


To get more information, contact us at CoronaGeneaSoc@gmail.com