Our meetings are open and free to the membership with select programs being open, also, to the general public . . . and we have some exciting programs scheduled for the upcoming months. The library has invited us to resume our normal meeting schedule but with possible room changes (see home page for the specifics about this). Unfortunately, these general meetings will not be conducted as “hybrid” gatherings due to some technical issues. We hope to resolve that in the future, as needed. In the meantime, in-person meetings begin officially at 6:15 for business; program begins approximately 6:30 pm. Between 6:00 and 6:15 we have a chance to visit and network while video equipment is being set-up. We must end the meeting by 7:45pm. (Note: these hours are adjusted from our earlier schedule due to the library closing time.)

You are welcome to come and join us at the Corona Public Library, High Desert Room (children’s section) 650 S. Main St., at 6th! Please note: in the event that the health situation changes and quarantining is resumed, the revised plans will appear here as soon as possible. We will adhere to the protocol and regulations set by the library and the community (city, county, state, country).

2021 Programs*


Last membership meeting of 2021: Bring a story or experience to share!

6 December – Annual Show & Tell (refreshments provided by the board)

VIDEO OFFERINGS will be limited to 2 weeks following their recorded presentations to the society at the in-person meetings. The next one, from the January meeting, will be posted a day or two after the in-person program and will be available as stated. At this moment, there are no videos available. Come back in January to check out what is posted.

These will be scheduled in the months ahead (order of availability, to be determined). More information will appear, as applicable, on the Members Only page.

2022 Programs*


3 January – Annual “first meeting of the year: New goals & new ideas” – Video of Thomas MacEntee, “Using Someone Else’s Research” – webinar (with promotion for Legacy Family Tree webinars, that partly sponsors this presentation); 1 hour, 17 min. (Recorded in 2018 and shown here by permission). This will be posted, in part and for a limited time, on the Member’s Only page, following the in-person showing.

Others to follow, as arranged and appropriate. Return for more information on the programs of 2022 after the first of the year.

To be scheduled:

Dr. Penny Walters – “Ethical Dilemmas in Genealogy”

Tamara Hallo – “Military Records: Finding our Nation’s Heroes”

Renate Yarborough Sanders: “The Case for DNA: Why Should I Test?”


* Schedule subject to change without notice


To get more information, contact us at CoronaGeneaSoc@gmail.com