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Join us IN PERSON on 2 August: 6:15-7:45 pm, PDT (Social “hour” from 6:00-6:15; Business from 6:15-6:30).  LEN ENLOW WILL BE PRESENTING ON “NON-POPULATION CENSUS SCHEDULES” (Note: adjusted time to accommodate Library hours)

While we had hoped that these general meetings would  be hybrid programs to accommodate those uncomfortable with meeting in person; at this time there is no virtual option for that or our Tuesday classes. All in-person gatherings will follow basic protocol:

Fully vaccinated persons need not wear masks, unless they choose; if not fully vaccinated (with 2 weeks since second vaccination, if required), please wear masks. Avoid touching (fist bumps and elbow taps instead of hand-shakes) and maintain respectful distance (not everyone is comfortable with close proximity). Thank you.
If you are not on our mailing list or connected to our Facebook page, contact Sylvia Barnett (slybar2000 [at] yahoo [dot]com ) to join us (in-person or virtually) and information will be sent. Meanwhile, we will continue with the videos over the next 2 months; they are recorded or shared specifically for our use and require access to the Members Only page. This calls for a current password (changed 1 April 2021) to enter. Programs will be available for personal use only.

Questions? Concerns? We have our own email address now: CoronaGeneaSoc@gmail.com


A new video is available from 26 July to 24 August 2021 (therein, and/or, about):

(To read more about Thomas and this program, and access the handout for the presentation, go to the Members Only page – password protected) 


This video is designated for members-only. To participate, just become a member! Not a member, or not renewed for 2021-22? Please go to our membership page and complete the form and send in your dues!


Your board continues to meet and plan for the continued genealogical education of its members. Meetings, via Zoom, take place the third Monday of every month. Open to all members. To join us or ask us to add something to the agenda, contact Jean Hibben (circlemending – at – gmail – dot – com) – put “CGS Board meeting” in the “subject” heading.



The CGS website is in compliance with the 2018 GDPR requirements, click here to view our Privacy Policy.


Once we resume in-person meetings, they will be held at the 


650 S. Main St. (at 6th), Corona, CA 92882

Meetings are held in the Community Room, the first Monday of every month* from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

To network, get to know each other, or receive/give genealogical research assistance, “early birds” are welcome to gather at 6:00pm. ——————-

*in the event that the first Monday is a holiday, the meeting is automatically “bumped” to the second Monday (or scheduled for the prior Monday).. The society is open to anyone who wishes to research his/her family history. Monthly programs are offered to assist us in successfully identifying our ancestors of all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, religions, etc. Members are also encouraged to assist others by presenting a topic that will be of interest to the rest of the group and participating in the various projects the society hosts.

CEREMONIAL “PASSING OF THE GAVEL” was from Al Southern back to Jean Hibben and looked a lot like the photo below . . . except it happened “virtually” on 5 April 2021 (this 2019 photo by Len Enlow). THANK YOU to Al for being our president during this difficult time and letting then 1st VP Jean Hibben handle the Zoom board meetings from May 2020 – March 2021 (see screen shot above).

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote interest and education in genealogy.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS, installed 5 April 2021 to take office immediately:

Jean Wilcox Hibben  – President & Webmaster

Twila Costello – 1st Vice-President (programs)

Sylvia Barnett – 2nd Vice-President (membership)

Dottie Laird – Secretary & Facebook Administration Chair

Betty Chandler – Treasurer

Carolyn Hughes – Correspondence Secretary

Len Enlow – Newsletter Editor & Education

Donna Polentz – Publicity

Maggie Rawlins – Historian

Pamela Coleman – Member at Large 


Carolynn Egan – Virtual Society Support (as needed)

Susan Tseko – Facebook Co-Administrator



Plans are to re-establish the classes later in the summer. Check back to get information on class content!

Genealogy Classes at Corona Public Library

VISIT WITH US ON facebook To access our members-only page, click on the instructions below: FacebookInstructions

You must be a Facebook member to join the group (click here or the image above). When you click on the request to join, that will be sent to Susan Tseko or Dottie Laird, our Facebook co-Coordinators, who will get back to you. Once verified, you will then receive notification that you are “in” and you can start posting or responding to other members right away. Please be respectful of each other (no spamming or other inappropriate messaging – violators will be removed from the list). Use this to communicate about genealogy events you have become aware of, ask for help or suggestions in your research, invite society members to “friend” you, etc. This is a great way to maintain contact with each other between meetings, so consider checking this group periodically. (Note: no sales or commercial use permitted) If you have a concern about the list, please feel free to contact either Susan Tseko via email or Dottie Laird via email


  For dues information and to join the society, attend the next meeting we hold in person and fill out an application or see the Membership page on this website. For questions, contact Jean Hibben, CGS President CoronaGeneaSoc@gmail.com ——————- To see the schedule of our upcoming meetings, check the MEETING CALENDAR page.